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Warrington, Cheshire, UK
Posted on Mar 24, 2014 to Lost Pets

Tiddles is a female cat. She is about 7 years old. She is small in stature. She is a mixture of black, white and brown colouring. She has a white chest and a white paw on one of her rear leg. She...

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Lakenheath, suffolk, UK
Posted on Feb 20, 2014 to Lost Pets

he is mainly ginger with all white paws and a white chest and a little bit on his nose too his tail is striped too

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Trowbridge, Wiltshire, UK
Posted on Dec 31, 2013 to Lost Pets

Male, neutered, grey tabby with white paws and a white chest and nose/mouth. Around 6 years old, no collar, not chipped.

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Posted on Oct 22, 2013 to Lost Pets

Wolfie is 7 months old, she's a dark grey Maine Coon kitten with white around her eyes, muzzle and chin. She is microchipped. Went missing from our garden (presumed stolen) on 26 / 07 / 2013 We...

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Dave Smith

Prestwood, Bucks, UK
Posted on Sep 25, 2013 to Lost Pets

Dave is a brown long haired moggie, she is 8 years old and went missing over two weeks ago. She is very dark and almost looks black in some lights. She has all of her teeth and does not wear a...

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Bracknell, Berkshire, UK
Posted on Sep 10, 2013 to Lost Pets

MISSING Recently relocated to this area – one very loved little cat who answers to the name of Mog. She has been missing since early September her family are missing her desperately. We...

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Gosport, Hants, UK
Posted on Sep 05, 2013 to Found Pets

Pale ginger and white. female. Less than 1 year old, approx 6months? Tall lanky legs. Narrow face with slightly slanted back eyes. Very affectionate! No collar.

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stocksfield, Northumberland, UK
Posted on Aug 18, 2013 to Lost Pets

Missing from Stocksfield Tabby/White neutured male 2yrs old but large cat (fit not fat) Long tail Chipped - registered missing/lost

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Manchester, Gorton, UK
Posted on Aug 10, 2013 to Found Pets

White and black cat with mainly black tail with white tip. White cat with black patches. Larger ears that normal! Think it's a Dr'd male.

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woolston, cheshire, UK
Posted on Aug 02, 2013 to Lost Pets

8 yr old cat, average size, very soft multi coloured fur comprising - black, brown,grey, touch of white and ginger too but predominantly dark tortoiseshell like.

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Manchester, Sale Moor, Cheshire, UK
Posted on Jul 25, 2013 to Found Pets

Dog has been found near Sale Water Park. White with ginger spots around his eyes, male, bully type dog, 45 - 50 cm tall. Must been missing for a short while as he has ribs out and flies. He has...

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Longridge, Preston, Lancs, UK
Posted on Jul 23, 2013 to Lost Pets

Pale ginger neutered tom cat with white bib and feet, no collar but is identichipped, last seen 15.07.13 at approx. 10.30pm - never came home next morning - Alfie has never been missing before....

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Burnley, Lancashire, UK
Posted on Jul 22, 2013 to Lost Pets

Grey/lilac british shorthair Green eyes Black and Crystal Collar Quite a big Tom cat. Lost in worsthorne area, Burnley 2 years old

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Whitchurch, Shropshire, UK
Posted on Jul 19, 2013 to Lost Pets

Sooty is a black male, 13 years old and neutered. Sooty is very friendly and went missing from the Churton Drive and Station Road area of Whitchurch Shropshire on Thursday 18th July 2013. Sooty is...

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? We don't know

Warrington, Chersire, UK
Posted on Jun 12, 2013 to Found Pets

It's young female cat. She is really domestic, smell good and is clean so must lost this evening. We find her on Orford lane on main road. She was stressed and just sitting on the road. If we don't...

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sleaford, lincs, UK
Posted on Jun 09, 2013 to Lost Pets

tabby tom cat 9 months old not neutered been missing for a month he has a white nose and chin and feet

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Fiskerton, Lincolnshire, UK
Posted on May 25, 2013 to Lost Pets

She is a small 16 year old female Tortoiseshell cat she went missing around a week ago (15th-18th May) while we were on Holiday. She was last seen in Ash holt close, Fiskerton near Lincoln in...

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Sale, Cheshire, UK
Posted on May 09, 2013 to Lost Pets

He's a young male cat, stripey ginger all over. He's neutered, wasn't wearing a collar (he lost it the day before). Last seen Tuesday morning in Sale.

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Manchester, UK
Posted on May 02, 2013 to Lost Pets

14 year old black & white cat, no tail

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Manchester, Lancashire, UK
Posted on Apr 06, 2013 to Lost Pets

Black Smoke Siberian Forest cat. Neutered male. Left eye smaller than the right one and slightly deformed, weeping constantly. Sneezes, due to a condition at birth. 20 months old, very...

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